Historical Content B

The History of the Internet

Part 1

– Internet was invented and used by certain people in the 1970s, it was then announced publicly  in January 1, 1983 to certain universities and colleges after some development, it became popular in the 1990s when a computer scientist invented the world wide web. (One we currently use today)

– The capacity of the internet was very low compared to modern day internet

–  Wolf Blitzer, Al Gore was the first person to use the internet it was used in the military

– The first small network was called  ARPANET

Part 2

Birthday: July 20, 2003

On 2003, most computers at that time were massive and bulky. An example of a computer that came out in 2003 was the Dell Inspiron 8500. At this time people connected to the internet by internet explorer and other downloadable web browsers.

Dell Inspiron 8500 specs

Memory  512MB

Hard Drive  30GB

Processor Speed  2Ghz with Intel Pentium 4

Video Memory Card  32MB

Display Size 15.4 inches

Part 3

Search engines was created in 1990 by Alan Emtage, a student at McGill University in Montreal, it was called Archie. It was then popularized and used in 1993 at colleges around the world. Online shopping first started in 1994 either by “NetMarket” or “Internet Shopping”. However,  it was announced that “Internet Online Shopping” was the first one to be invented. In 1995 the Online Shopping “Amazon” took the idea of those two brands and made its own Online Shopping market.

Part 4

Over the past 10 years internet technology has skyrocketed.

Hard drive in 2005 were around 35-50GB, in 2016 it is measured to be around 1-2TB for an average computer.

Software in 2005 could easily be attacked by viruses such as PoisonIvy, and software protection was very weak and if you wanted to have a stronger protection on your computer, you had to pay a lots of amounts of money. In modern day hardly any viruses from 2012 and below could be affected by it and software protection is very tough and if wanted a stronger protection much more cheaper than in 2005. Connection towards the internet is still the same as 10 years ago as both are easily assemble to it but, 2005 computer take much more longer to connect and the internet web pages and searches is sparse. Another aspect of change is the buckley ness and heaviness of computers in 2005 and tin and weightless computer in 2016-2018.

Part 5

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