Core Competencies


I feel really strong in this category as I am able to communicate with people without any stress or any fear. I feel like I am able to communicate with anyone successfully with grit. An assignment/project we did this year in IT that is somewhat closest to communication is probably the “All About Me” assignment were we communicated with people about how we live and are as a person. I would also like to mention this as an example. This category will improve and become even easier, each day I am alive due the fact that I am always surrounded by social situation and school will also immensely help because, literately surrounded with people who I can talk to all the time.


 Creative Thinking

Creativity was something that I never struggled with so, I consider myself strong in this topic once again. I am usually successful, with new and better ideas with out any difficulties or any help. An assignment/project that needed creative thinking was our recent project which was the scratch game. This project was mainly focused on your imagination. Creative thinking was needed considering it was your game that you were making. I would again also like to mention this topic. I can improve and grow my ability by doing work that require for me to come up with the ideas.


Personal and Social

I am really strong in this subcategory because, I have experiences and times much more worse than I am today. This helps me because it gives me more appreciation towards our society we live in today. A example can be cases such being with your parents living with an great society. I would certainly mention this as an example due to the reason we have a lack of attention to this topic. I can continue to grow my abilities by just thinking about my environments and situation I am in. Personal Awareness and Responsibility I am not so strong with this topic as I have difficulties managing some of these requirements in succeeding this topic as I am sometimes lazy improve it or just can’t do it at all. An outside school example is how we manage our time each day. I would mention this topic. I can also improve on this topic by conquering laziness and do what is good to do and supposed to do. =